Saturday, 12 June 2010


Myself and a dear friend are great fans of "Brother Sun and sister Moon". It's a marvellous film about St Francis that is cursed by the world but enjoyed by many of the faithful, especially the slightly sentimental. However I fear for the destiny of it's director, Franco Zeffirelli.

Franco is seemingly a devout catholic, supportive of Pope Benedict according to Wikipedia, but with a dodgy homosexual past. Reportedly he had romantic interests, or perhaps not quite so romantic. In any case we can't let this great director be lost to damnation in case he is unable to persevere through his final agony and the burden of his past.

It's marvellous that 'Brother sun and Sister Moon' exists but it would be terrible for its director to be an enemy of God forever, and I'm sure would deeply hinder the grace of that movie. I feel gratitude and even a little affection towards Zeffirellii and wish to make a novena for him and invite you to join us.

The Novena will begin on Sunday the 26th of September 2010 ending on the feast of St Francis, Monday the 4th of October.

I will blog some novena ideas in the coming weeks before the novena begins.

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